Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Shellac Update - Experimenting with Soaking Off

I have been having a lot of interest in Shellac - and I have never been busier or had more enquiries!  It is so exciting - I even treated myself to some of the new colours - Rock Royalty is lovely and I cannot wait to use Cocoa with Blackpool Tips!

I have a lot of mobile clients and was so excited to find that my Essie carry case holds the Shellac bottles perfectly!  This is going to be really useful, and as the case is unbranded it's not going to confuse clients.

Most people seem to be going for French - I think that my pink and purple glitters may have put some people off the colours!!  I am finding all the colour options slightly overwhelming - as there are so many to choose from and a number of possible combinations.  The Romatique and Negligee seem to be the most popular.

I had training today and needed to soak off me Shellac from last week - the picture is how good they looked today - 7 days on!

I decided to experiment with soaking off - I put one hand in a bowl with Expert Touch and the other with the Shellac Soak-Off Wraps.  I left them both for the required 10 minutes.  The wraps seemed to work better, with less product to push off after the 10 minutes.  I can only think that this is because my fingers were warmer with the wraps and colder in the bowl, so I will use the wrap method when possible!  I was happy that the 10 minutes is all that is required, I find with my Axxium SOG that the time is much nearer 30 minutes, so this will be a real boost to treatment times for those who want Shellac over the OPI colours.

Hope this has been helpful!

Claire xxx

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  1. Wow love your work very beautiful with the gems. I am loving the Essie carry case! where did you get it as I am really struggling to find such a thing for my shellac

    if you can email me where this would be such a great help for me!

    thank you xxx