Thursday, 24 March 2011

OPI Texas Collection 2011

My nails are in a terrible state - please do not let the condition effect your view on the products I have used!!  My gels are too thick and I did not have time to soak them off - and really could not wait to have a play with the colours!!

I ordered the Texas Collection last we and received it this afternoon and could not wait to get home to give it a try!  I have heard and seen some very mixed reviews about this collection, and I have to admit I was really unsure how these would turn out.  So far I would have to say I am very impressed - and think there is a lot of scope to use these for many different looks.

Lets start with the collection display, I bought display A as I do not keep stock.  The stand is lovely, and unusual looking - you most certainly cannot miss it!

There are 12 colours, split in to six types.  There is a 'Sorbet' style for six of them and a collection of six opaque colours.  The sorbet styles colours are reds, pinks, orange and purples - looking at them on the brush they look very much like the 'Juicy' lip glosses!!  I started off doing my colour pallet:

 The green colour - 'Don't Mess With OPI' is very similar to Essie's 'Pretty Edgy'.  All the others are different to polishes I already have in my collection (see Collection page).

I was quite impressed with the coverage - given that most reports I have seen describe them as very thin. I have only used 2 coats on each nail with top coat.  I will say that they are slightly runnier than the usual polish but nothing unmanageable.  Any streaks are covered with the second coat.

Using the colour pallet can show the colours differently as they are white, so I have a play with different colours and layers on myself (OPI on Facebook talks about different uses and suggests layering).  Please note that I have encased stars and glitter on my nails at the moment - the colours do not have stars in them, although a couple have a shimmer (Austin-Tatious Turquoise and It's Totally Fort Worth It).

Above, from top to bottom I have used one coat of each of the following (note I have note used top coat):
Don't Mess with OPI and Austin-Tatious Turquoise - Great colour, slightly stonger that Austin on its own
Louvre Me Louvre me not and Houston We Have A Purple - A juicy take on the already lovely purple
OPI Red and Guy Meets Gal-Veston - A great colour, slightly muted the red and looks luscious
Lucertainly Look Marvelous and Do You Think Im Tex-Y? - Not too sure about this, slightly brown in colour - but sort of works :)

On my thumb I tried Glitzerland with Y'All Come Back Here - Orange over gold - not too sure what I think of this one!?!

My right hand I only tried two colours - as suggested by OPI I used Alpine snow with Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em - I was very impressed with the colour over the white - it really jumped out with one coat and I would suggest this for those that want a more opaque look - but do let the base dry a bit!  I also tried Lady in Black with Big Hair...Big Nails - nothing to really report on this, but looked nice, although subtle.

Following advice I have seen I painted my nails with a glitter - in this case OPI and Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream'.  

I thought this would look good over the stars and holographic glitter I have in my gels - and was loving them...but really wanted to test the layering...
The colour was completely transformed (maybe I did use too much Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em?!?).  This did work though, the colour is not too thick and has added a depth to the already wonderful Teenage Dream. I will be trying these out on clients.

Overall I cannot give a complete view as I only just got these, but I will update you on how I get on both on myself and clients.  I was pleasantly surprised given some of the review I have read, and do think that come the summer this Sorbet/Jelly look will be popular, and will also look great on toes.

Hope this has helped you!  Do let me know if you have played around with any other more successful layering ideas!!

Claire xxx

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