Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nail Art using OPI and Polycolor

After enjoying my Axxium Nail Art Workshop with OPI - I purchased the books from Dynamic Nail Art (based in the US) and spent this evening trying out the designs on my nail pops - which are really useful for displaying nail design ideas.

I used polycolor acrylic paints, which I have so far found the most useable paints available - and I do not think are terribly expensive as you can mix the colours really well - these can also be used for one stroke painting (something I am still working on!).

It is best to buff the colour pops as I find lacquers and gel adhere better. I have an old flex file that I use for this.  I also used a UV cure top coat to ensure longevity.

The pictures below are the ideas that I got from the books - these are by my hand but not my ideas:
 'At First Sight' with Magenta, Gray, Black, White and Crystal
 'San Tan-Tonio' with Magenta, Black and White
 'At First Sight' with Grey, Yellow, Black and Primary Yellow
 'Lady in Black' with Blue, Grey, Yellow, White and Crystal - this one didn't turn out how I wanted it - will try again later this week!
'San Tan-Tonio' with Black, Red, Blue and Yellow

I am working on some other designs not from the books, and will upload these with a 'tutorial' over the weekend.

Hope you find these helpful!

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Claire xxx

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