Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My nails have grown nicely since having the Shellac on for 3 weeks and I wanted to keep growing them.  I thought I should test the endurance of the OPI Soak Off Overlay Gel under some Black Cherry Chutney Soak Off Lacquer.   

I used the base layer, a layer of the overlay gel - adding strength the stress area, two coats of colour and then sealer.  I am very impressed with the result.  The overlay gel is self leveling and very easy to use - I have only tried this out on a few clients but many are comparing the look and wear to the Bio Sculpture type overlays.  It soaks off just along with the coloured lacquer, and to take the whole system off takes about 30 minutes using OPI's Expert Touch Remover.

I had to cook a lot over the weekend and managed to peel my hand as well as the vegetables, and still my nails look lovely, despite catching them!  The overlay is comparatively thin - when compared with L&P and the nails are still flexible.  I have not been wearing gloves to wash up etc in an attempt to see how well they wear - as often clients won't be careful with their nails!!

I shall keep you posted with how they get on - here's hoping for no breakages! 

Claire xxx

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