Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My first attempt at a Stiletto Nails!!!

There are a number of competitions that I am looking to enter over the summer and want to use the  Stiletto Nail for some of my designs, so thought I should get practicing.  

Today I am showing you my first ever attempt at a Stiletto - this is by no means good but just wanted to share it with you - and maybe get some feedback?! Have you ever tried this style?!  I am packing up my house to move next week so had to do this on my lap which was not ideal!!!

I used a 'Kiss press on nail' as I did not want to have it on my natural nails and I could then take it off.  I perhaps should not have attempted this on myself first and will not be investing in one of those finger model things!!

I also used buff off UV gel for this, and actually think that getting the basic shape might be best with L&P acrylic and will be giving this a try next time adding a mix.  I have many more acrylic colours, and am not sure why I tried gel first!!

What I did:

Step One: Apply removable nail (this was just my step and a good idea for a photo shoot or fashion show as they can be pre-designed).  Buff and prep the nail

Step Two: Apply a form - You want to ensure that the form is snug under the nail and that the side walls a straight - this is not that easy!!!  To make the Stiletto shape, you need to pinch the ends closed and ensuring that a rounded shape is maintained.
 Step Three - Apply a thin layer of gel to the nail and onto the form to the length desired.  Cure the gel.  Once cured, remove the form (finger end first so as not to add stress to the nail). Gently buff away and ragged edges.
 Step Four: Apply your colour gels however you like.  Here I have done a black to purple fade with a white french tip...the balck and purple did not blend as well as I like as I flash cured the black - not the best idea!  Cure the colours when happy
 Step five: Add any further colours, glitters, lace and netting - I have just used glitter gels here, but you can use pretty much anything!  I applied silver in a twist across the nail and added crystal white glitter to the 'French Tip'.
Step Six - When happy cure the nail and apply a clear gel all over the nail ensuring extra gel is in the stress area and center of the nail to ensure strength.
 Step Seven - File and buff the nail to ensure correct shape and to smooth the nail.  You can now add on any further details - I have use acrylic paints in pink and purple flicks just to see how it works.
 Step Eight: Apply top sealer
 When the nail is covered in top sealer, cure
 Step Nine - Your nail is finished!!

I know that this nail is not perfect - but I didn't think it was too bad for a first attempt - I hope that this will be the start of many!!  Going forward, I will design the nail in advance, as this is just a jumble of ideas and not very coherent!!  

I used NCO buff of gels in Black, Purple Flower, Extra White, Clear and Pink Base & Build, Crystal White and Silver Aurora.

Thanks so much for reading!!

Claire xxx


  1. Definitely a good start. Great first attempt, and you already know what to do to improve. Well done.

  2. Wow this is great, when you said at the beginning that it wasnt very good, I wasn't expecting much, but when I got to the last photo I was shocked.
    Great job!

  3. Wow! Great job. This look is growing on me... But I'm afraid it doesn't fit into my lifestyle... I will enjoy it on other for now :D

  4. i am not a fan of stiletto nails but you made this look i like the design you done

    shel xx