Wednesday, 21 December 2011

OPI Pink Shatter - Supporting Breast Cancer Research @ the Marsden Hospital *Pink Wednesday*

Hey All,

For this Pink Wednesday I have found some pictures of my pink shatter.  As you know I am a complete Shatter Addict and have all the OPI shatter colours and am a regular user of them!!

The Pink Shatter is the 2011 pink from OPI in aid of Breast Cancer Research at monies are going to the research unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

I have used it over OPI's Alpine Snow & Lady In Black.  The pink is pearlescent and I think more similar in colour to Pompeii Purple that any other of their pinks.  I thought that this would be more like their red/black shatter (a more matte opaque colour) but I do like this and think it will look good over lighter colours - it was not so good over the black, but you only learn by trying it out!!

Anyways, I love it! Hope you have a good rest of the week!


OPI Pink Shatter

OPI Pink Shatter

OPI Pink Shatter

Monday, 19 December 2011

Black Tip French Gel Enhancements with Embedded Gems

Hi Guys,

I at last had some time to put some gel enhancements on! With a very busy week of clients booked in for the lead up to Christmas I thought I should apply gels as they add strength and I think look lovely and shiny! I have done these on myself and are not as perfect as I would have liked, but I find it hard to do my dominant hand.  It did take most of my Sunday afternoon, but I think worth it!

I had a 1920's themed party last week and following that theme I chose to apply black tips with a camouflaged nail bed!  I use NCO buff off gel.  This is a great product and I use it as I am supporting a local business and the product is great and well used and known where I live!!

This is what I did:

1. Prepare nails and apply primer and first coat of clear base gel.
As you can see my nails are weak and peeling (my own fault from not looking after them and picking off my soak off gels)!

 2. Apply your french line in your chosen colour, I find it easier when doing deeper smile lines to use the  handle end of the brush

 3. Flash cure each nail to prevent the gel running in between applications

4. Apply your camouflage gel up to the smile line.  If you get any on the black, use a clean brush moistened with cleanser to remove it.

5. Apply your gems (if you are using them).  If you are doing dots rather than gems, be sure to gently remove the sticky inhibition layer as this will make any shape 'bleed'.

6. Once gems are in place, cap the design and build your arch.  Flash cure each nail as you go.

7. Once the design is capped and cured, remove the inhibition layer and refine the shape.  Clean and dust and apply top sealer.

8. Apply oil and there are your lovely nails!

Have you tried this design?

Thanks for reading!
Claire xxx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Zillionaire over Romantique Shellac - A lovely neutral with a subtle shimmer

Hi Guys,

My client wanted a neutral Shellac manicure, and went for 'Romantique'.  I was about to put the topcoat on and she asked for some glitter!! I suggested 'Zillionaire' which is a more subtle glitter, it has more flecks that are multi tonal rather than a harsh glitter with gold or silver particles.  It's a shame that the picture don't pick up how lovely this is in daylight.

Love this effect from CND and think it works really well when something a little more subtle is needed.  I think this would work really well for brides too.

What colours have you used 'Zillionaire' over?!

Claire xxx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

New colour from Shellac 'Purple Purple'

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all having a great weekend!!  I found myself at a lose end last night as my client was running late (yes I do have clients on a Saturday night!!) and at last had the chance to try out another of the new Shellac colours - 'Purple Purple'.

I am really loving this colour, I think it is similar to Rock Royalty which I love but is more shimmery and pearlescent.  I think it great for the parties I have coming up in the next two weeks and think, although not as dark as other purples I tend to go for, it offers great opaque coverage, and has gotten me lots of comments today!  This would look great with Zillionaire over it and I am toying with the idea of adding some golf leaf or foil next time! I also think this will well layered under Strawberry Smoothie and will play around with some pop sticks when I can!!

In the pictures it looks slightly blue but it is not as blue as it seems - this is 'Purple Purple'!!  I am looking forward to the next bunch of colours!!!

What do you think?!

Claire xxx

Close up image of Purple Purple Shellac

Purple Purple Shellac

Purple Purple Shellac

One coat Purple Purple

Friday, 2 December 2011

OPI's Muppet Collection - Pepe's Purple Passion with Gold Shatter

Hi Guys,

I had my sister-in-law staying and she wanted something a little different for a party.  I was only happy to help and used the new colour 'Pepe's Purple Passion'.  This colour is more maroon than purple (in my opinion) but there is great coverage and depth of colour.  There is also a slight shimmer which is very lovely.  To keep it needs a top coat - as I was using gold shatter, the images below are without topcoat until after the shatter application.

I am still really liking my shatters, and have not acquired all the colours!!

Thanks for reading,

PS - I know these aren't great - had to do them in a rush!!