Sunday, 20 March 2011

OPI Shatter & Katy Perry Range

I have been using the OPI Katy Perry a lot this week and have had it since its release in the UK. I have also seen sales of the Shatter really pick up - I am so very excited to hear that there are further colours to be released. In May we will be seeing a Silver Shatter released in the UK as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection which I just cannot wait to get my hands on and think it will look fantastic even over darker colours.
My clients have really been enjoying the Katy Perry Range, the two glitters have been popular as well as the two colours.  They seems to be used by both my natural an enhancement clients, and over an age range of 20-65!  I was very suprised with the up take of it, and hope that the collection will be around for a little while longer, especially into the summer when I think it will go down a treat.  

My client below used 'The One That Got Away' with 'Black Shatter' over a clear overlay gel.  She was so worried when I put the Shatter coat on, but was amazed with watching it Shatter!  It was the first time I had ever known her lost for words :)

The Shatter TopCoat can be used over most of the other colours, below I have used 'Ski Teal We Drop' which is also supporting the cure for Ovarian Cancer with Lena White/OPI - which I lost my mother too.
This also looks fantastic over the OPI Gold Glitzerland and any hot pink!
I hope something similar can go on to be created for use over Gels - at the moment it will not shatter over the Axxium Soak Off Lacquer, where I think this would also go down very well with clients.

Anyways, I am awaiting with eager anticipation the arrival of my Texas Collection this week - blog will follow soon after - and looking forward to being able to offer a small give away of the latest collection when I reach 50 followers! Keep your eyes open!!

Claire xxx

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