Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rockstar Glitter Toes using Shellac

Hi Guys,

I have had fun this week having a go at using glitter! I find using Shellac is the easiest way for doing 'Rockstar' Toes, although you can use any other soak off gel/polish - OPI's Axxium works well for this too.

I used a pinky glitter as I was wearing a dark pink dress for a wedding with black peep toes and I wanted them to stand out!

There are different ways of using glitter with Shellac, i find applying base and then pressing colour into a wet layer of colour the best for me, but you can also use the method of rubbing the glitter into the dispersion layer.  For ideas and methods on how to do Rockstar nails - Holly Schippers at Fingernail Fixer has some great videos and blogs!

I used Base, Clearly Pink (as i rarely use it as a colour) Martha Stewart Glitter and top coat

I prepared my nails, and applied base and cured and then applied a layer of colour (please ignore my horrid cuticles!)

I placed glitter on my toes

I patted them into place with a dry old gel brush
 Cured and applied top sealer!

You can use different colours, put on gems or add a colour over the top for many different looks - another very popular idea is just to apply glitter to the tips!  It is so easy to do and lasts as long as any other shellac service.  If you are doing this on your hands, I apply and cure a coat of top coat, remove the dispertion layer, buff gently and then apply another layer to ensure they are smooth.  For toes I don't do this as you are not feeling them everyday!

Have you tried 'Rockstar' nails?!

Thanks for reading,
Claire xxx


  1. this looks really pretty, i hope you enjoyed the wedding :)

    shel xx

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