Monday, 8 August 2011

Shellac Rockstar Nails with Gold Foil Shatter Effect

Hey Guys!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend?! I had a client cancel this evening for Shellac and thought I should use the time to have a play around!!  I used some foils that I have had for ages and Shellac and to add some more glitz also used my trusty Martha Stewart Glitter!

A lot of my clients, and me, love the Shatter effect and I have all the OPI Shatter top coats, but it does not work over gels or Shellac.  I think I have found a solution though with the foil, and by dabbing it onto the inhibition layer you get a Shattered effect!  Foils come in so many colours and effects that you could match many outfits or tastes with no problems!

Shatter Effect with Shellac

It was very simple to do and I think that this could probably be replicated over lacquer if you are not gel trained.  The foils I used are from my local Hobbycraft and were only a few pounds.

I did find that using the glitter is detracted from the shatter effect and I should perhaps of used a more contrasting colour - but I think the idea will be worth more exploring!  I really do love my Shatter!

What do you think of these? Have you used foils, or had much of a chance to try out the glitter techniques?

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Claire xxx

This is what I did:

I used Shellac Base, Tropix, Top Coat, Fire Opal Glitter and Gold Foil

Apply base, cure and one coat of Tropix and cure
With your chosen foil, gently 'dab' your foil against the tacky (inhibition) layer of the gel
If you want to just have a Shatter effect, apply 2 coats of colour - apply the foil and then top coat.  I have chosen in this instance to add a glitter/rockstar nail effect!

with a dry brush apply glitter, then dry brush again and wipe off and press glitter firmly

This is with the foil and glitter applied

Add your topcoat and cure

You may wish to add a second top coat to ensure a smooth finish - for toes you might not find this necessary.

Shellac Rockstar Nails with Gold Foil Shatter Effect


  1. This is a great blog. I'm just starting my training with CND and looking for inspiration. Are you on twitter?

  2. Thanks so much guys! Venessa - I am on Twitter 'TopTwentyNails' Good luck with the training!! xxx

  3. I'm very interested in doing this and I have never used shellac before. In fact this weekend was my first time using foil so after it disappeared after one day (Sally Hensen Top Coat =\) I became curious if it was possible to use the foiling glue then use the shellac top coat? How exactly did you get the foil to stick to the nail? Lastly how long would a manicure with a foil nail cured be expected to last? If it truly last two weeks+, I have so many designs I'm going to be doing. Thanks for your blog and I love your designs!