Sunday, 6 March 2011

Why do so many people wear French Polish when there are such exciting patterns and ideas out there.  I have had seven french polish clients in the last few days - and I just think that we need to inject some colour into nails!  I understand that it looks 'polished' and many say 'clean' but sometimes a muted tone can look even better especially of the nails are very short.  I am not complaining - just hope that clients get braver as they get used to services!!  I have found it helps if I have something crazy on my nails - but do also think that it can put a few off!  

I have also had some difficulty with a number of new clients - I hope that they have been satisfied with my work, and all leave me happy, but I am worried that so many new clients have called me asking for Shellac - and then do not understand how the system works!  I throughly explain how the systems works and that they will need to return in 2-3 weeks to have the product removed and reapplied if they want or a manicure.  Some have asked if they can remove it at home and I have explained that it should be professionally removed but have in some cases offered the remover and wraps for purchase - but still there is difficulty!  One customer even asked if they soaked it off in a bowl of water - despite me explaining clearly no!!  Has anyone else had this problem?

Many people are now going to services for the 'name' rather than it's qualities.  Another client had very think flaky nails and I suggested an alternative service which would add some strength ie OPI Axxium Soak Off Overlay which also come in fantastic colours and lasts the same time, but wouldn't try it as it is not what her friend told her she wanted.  This can be so frustrating, so I make it clear that I have suggested an alternative service which they could try next time if there is no improvement.  

I hope that educating people is the way forward, but sometimes group pressure wins - I will keep you posted with how they get on!

Anyways, sorry for the rant!

Have a great week, 
Claire xxx

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