Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Using OPI Axxium Soak Off Overlay Gel to 'Encase'

I was very bored this evening, and decided that my nails needed infilling - I had them on for 13 days. They were still great looking, no lifting or chipping - though I had done a few enhancements on Sunday and managed to file my own top coat and fingers, so they were a little dull! (Picture is after 10 days)
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my OPI Texas collection this week, so thought I should just do a clear overlay.  I started and then remembered that you can 'encase' nail art items in the gel.  I have never done this before, so thought I should give it a go, given that I am going to paint over them as soon as I get the new polishes (Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!)

I used Purple and Gun metal stars that I bought online and some NFU Extra White Holographic Glitter.  I love the glitter - and I use the NFU coloured and glitter powders for my L&P services.

I know that these look a rubbish, but I would stress that I was only playing around with them and will be painting them soon!

To do them, I filed off the colour to the base, then preped, applied base as directed, a layer of the overlay gel - added the glitter and stars - then floated the the gel over the top to add strength and encase.  I did this layer a bit thicker than I would do normally.  After curing I buffed and applied top sealer.  Had I been concentrating more, I would not have needed to buff and add the top sealer - but they were a little bumpy!

The shine and the clarity of the gel is very impressive.  It looks slightly yellowy/cloudy in the jar - but so not be fooled. 

I will let you know how well they wear!

Claire xxx

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