Monday, 26 November 2012

Midnight Swim Shellac & CND Additive in Titanium Pearl

Hi Guys,

Well, for the last few weeks I have been recovering from surgery, and I have had the new Shellac colour 'Midnight Swim' just waiting to be tried!!  I also got a few of the new additives which I tried out.  Unfortunately I was not able to try any designs, and have just used this across my whole nail - I love it!

Midnight Swim is a great navy blue colour with tiny glitter particles.  It is not overly shimmery or glittery.   The coverage is very opaque with two coats.  The colour, to compare it is very similar to OPI's Russian Navy.

The new additives are colour pigments that can be burnished into the tacky inhibition layer on cured Shellac.  For my first try out I used Additive 'Titanium Pearl' which is a very shimmery silver colour - although it looks white in the pot!  It is great for fades, but I was not comfortable enough to spend mush time playing so covered my whole nail.  For this I used a dry gel brush and scrubbed the additive into the nail.  For the picture below I used a lot of the additive, but you can used less.

Overall I think the Midnight Swim Shellac is a great colour and great addition to the collection.  I will keep playing around with the additives, but first impressions are that these will be an easy and great way to add to Shellac services.

Hope you are all well!!

Have you tried the additives?

Claire xxx