Sunday, 3 April 2011

'Rockstar' Nail Tutorial - A picture heavy post!!

I do hope you all had a great weekend!  As promised, I have put together a couple of tutorials that I will add to the blog during the week, but thought I would start with the most requested - 'Rockstar' Nails.  

The idea of these nails is to use loose glitter, rather than a glitter gel or polish.  For this tutorial I have used Shellac as I have found this to work well, but it would also work on other gel services - I have very successfully used Axxium SOG too.  

Step by Step:

I used; Martha Stewart Glitters - I find the colour options and the fine glitter fantastic for nail services. Shellac Base, Sealer and Clearly Pink colour.

I preped the nail (in this case a colour pop) following the Shellac PEP procedure.

Step 1:  Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure

Step 2:  Apply a thin layer of colour, I have used Clearly Pink, though Negligee would work just as well - you can use translucent colours or opaque.  I do not use a strong colour as you are covering it all with glitter and I think it is a bit of a waste.  You need to have a layer of colour over the base to ensure that the glitter adheres to the nail, it will just slide off the base! (for Axxium I have found this step is not necessary).

Do not cure!

Step 3:  On the uncured layer of gel, tap glitter on to the nails

Step 4:  When the nail is covered in a layer of glitter, press the glitter into the gel with your finger - please ignore the state of my nails!!!!

Step 5:  Cure the nail - i have put a piece of tissue under the nail pop to prevent any Shellac or glitter running onto the lamp.

Step 6:  Once removed use a nail brush - the NSI plush brush is great for this, to gently remove and excess glitter and apply a layer of top coat. Keep the layer a little thicker than you would normally use and cure.

Step 7:  Remove the sticky inhibition layer, and gently buff the nail, to ensure it is smooth. Be sure to file the free edge, to remove and particle that are hanging over.

Step 8:  Clean the nail again with a lint free wipe moistened with 99% isopropyl alcohol 

Step 9:  Apply a final layer of top coat.  Cure the nail.  When cured remove the tacky layer and apply solar oil. (I missed the oil step on my plastic nail!!!!)

The end result is shiny, sparkly, and long lasting nails!

I hope that you have found this helpful - please do let me know if you have any feedback before I post other tutorials - this is the only way I can improve!!  

I have used this method on a number of clients,  and have found this way by trial and error,  as well as speaking to other Nail Techs and watching other tutorials.  The glitter does not need to be applied to the whole nail, you can use glitter in parts of the nail over a layer or two of colour - as long as you ensure that you press it into the nail, and seal well you should have no problems!! 

Let me know how you get on too!!

Claire xxx


  1. it's look like OPI burles haha,
    it's so pretty,,
    thnaks for the tutorr

  2. When I do 'ShellacStar' as I call it. I usually do a base coat and cure for 10 seconds.
    A layer of color then cure for 2 min
    And then I soak an old gel brush in 99% alcohol, pick up a 'bead' (so to speak) of glitter and massage it into the Shellac sticky layer. This way you won't get your fingers sticky or transfer oil from your finger tips.
    Once the glitter has stuck, I brush off the remainder of the loose glitter until none will flake off. Then seal with top coat. Followed by Solar Oil.
    I also use the Martha stewart glitter and bullion beads for my Gel nails. They are such great quality products.

  3. does anybody know when nail rock started?