Thursday, 24 February 2011

What a week!

This week has been crazy!! I have been practicing as many skills as possible whilst I am off work! I am regretting not keeping my nail trainer - using my own nails instead.  I have had polish, l&p, shellac as well as axxium and minx on my toes!  Should I be worried about over exposure?! I have used so much acetone, I think my nails might become immune or disintegrate!  I am away for the weekend so they will have a rest until Monday!  

In the picture I have Shellac (Tutti Frutti) on Fingers with Purple Glitter - Minx (Silver/Pink Fishnet) and DS Radiance Axxium SOG on Toes.  I do not like to use too much product on myself, as I think it is a waste when clients will pay for it.  I often end up with odd nails, but I have made an effort to be matching today!!

I am very excited as my Nfo.Uh colour and glitter powders came this morning - all 36 of them!  I have been saving up for ages, and spent weeks debating the collections to go for. I really want to start developing ways of incorporating colour into my L&P as there is a big call for it where I am and I really want to create more interesting nails.  I hope that it will also be a better way of doing glitter tips, as I always find using loose glitter gets in my pinks - very irritating!  It has been so difficult not to open them - I am so bored being stuck at home at moment recovering from surgery - but I am trying to control myself!

Next week I am going on the OPI A-Team Axxuim SOG Nail Art and Techniques course, which I am hoping will be helpful and also give me some new ideas to promote it further.  I am loving Shellac as well and hope to use any ideas on both systems.

Anywho - I'm off for the weekend, hope you all have a good one!


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