Friday, 23 September 2011

New colour from Shellac in Asphalt

Hi Guys, 

Sorry for lack of posts this week - I have been super busy!  So busy in fact that I have not been able to try out the new Shellac colours I picked up at Olympia on Monday!!  CND have added to their colour range with a new collection which was launched in the UK last weekend and I will be showing you the colours as I use them!  I was getting really upset that I couldn't find time to try them, and then a lovely new client last night wanted grey nails - so I got to try out Asphalt Shellac!! 

Wow I love it - it is a great creamy grey (asphalt!) colour.  The coverage on the first coat was not great and I was a little worried, but with the second coat all my fears went away and the nails and colour were just lovely!!  This is going to be a great Autumn/Winter colour and neutral enough to go with anything.  Very wearable!

What do you think?!  The pictures do seem to add a blue hue, but this is just the light - I assure you it is grey!!

Looking at the nails close up, I didn't realise that I was not getting close to the cuticle and I will now work on getting these slightly closer.

Have you got your hands on these new colours?! What do you think of the grey - will you be wearing it this winter?

Have a super weekend, 
Claire xxx

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