Wednesday, 2 March 2011

OPI A-Team Advanced Axxium SOG Workshop

This afternoon I took part in the OPI A-Team Advanced Axxium Workshop with the OPI Educatiors Vu & Robert Nguyen.  It was an amazing class/workshop and I learnt so much about how the Axxium gels can be used in different ways.   We could ask lots of questions and learnt many techniques for designing nail art - both simple and intricate.  I am going to need to practice lots - but there are some really simple ways to embellish simple nails without it taking too long, but I hope to get the opportunity to also practice the more detailed nails!!  I need to practise my tiger stripes and swirls more - swirls I am really struggling with - my clients will need to be very supple!

OPI have also introduced a Silver and a Gold Glitter Gel which is going to be so useful for all nail art on gels.  It will make glitter fades much easier, and the look fantastic both alone and over colours - this is a great idea from OPI!  The kit that came with the course was perfect - with 2 glitter gels, a black, brush, dotting tool and rhinestones - Everything it seems we need to make some fantastic designs!

I am looking forward to creating some great designs now having been able to learn some basics that can be applied to designs.  I am hoping to be able to transfer some of these ideas to both lacquer and Shellac applications.

I would really suggest all gel users to look into a nail art course as it is so much more diverse that lacquer and you can create many designs and wipe it off until it is perfect!

Anyway - back off to practice!

Claire xxx


  1. wow these are so pretty!

    you've got so much skills!