Monday, 16 May 2011

OPI Pirate's of the Caribbean with Silver Shatter

I went to Lena White today to pick up some supplies and got distracted by the Pirate's of the Caribbean collection on display and just had to pick some of them up, and got some of the new Silver Shatter top coat too!!  I got Silver Shatter, Planks A Lot, Sparrow Me The Drama, Mermaid's Tears and Steady As She Rose.  These were my favorite colours from the collection, but I probably will get the rest soon!

I couldn't wait to try them all out so have painted one finger with each of the four colours I picked up.

The coverage is great with one coat, though the lacquer is quite matte

 This is with two coats of colour

Planks A Lot 

Sparrow Me The Drama

Mermaid's Tears

Steady As She Rose

This is with a thick coat of the Silver Shatter Top Coat

Close up of the Silver Shatter

The silver shatter is very different to the black Shatter.  The silver is shimmery and almost glittery - the colour is not dissimilar to DS Radiance.  I am liking it, and think it will also look great over darker colours.  The bottles are the same as the Black Shatter.  The silver is a lot runnier than the black and the cracks as it dries are not as clean as they are with the colours, but it really is a nice effect.

Have any of you used this collection yet?  I really love the summer colours and think that these are going to be very popular over the coming months as my clients really are looking for something different.  I cannot wait for the rest of the Shatter colours to hit the UK!

Have a great week guys!
Claire xxx


  1. Ha! Are you me? This looks exactly like the parcel I got from Lena White at the beginning of the week. OPI are killing me at the moment with all of their new collections. :)

  2. I have a quick question - do you by any chance know if Mermaid's Tears is anything like Barry M's Mint Green/MAC Peppermint Patti? Not to worry if not :D xx

  3. I love this collection! I keep seeing people post it more and more, and its making me wish I owned it more and more! lol

  4. Hey guys - thanks for your comments. There are so many new collections, I am having to be so carful with which colours I get - I am having to be picky - but the colours I got I am really happy with!!
    Emma - I'm sorry but I have not seen those colours, if I go shopping I will have a look for you :)
    Thanks again,
    Claire xxx

  5. No probs! :D And thank you, I may just have to succumb to temptation and buy Mermaid's Tears anyway... along with the rest of the collection! :D xx