Saturday, 7 May 2011

NOTD - OPI Nicole's 'It Starts With Me'

Whilst on my travels in NYC, I managed to pick up a number of different polishes, including the OPI Nicole range - which I have so far not seen in the UK.  I got a number of colours as they were on offer, and will be gradually updating my blog with them as I try them out.

First up was 'It Starts with Me' which is a shimmery pink/bronze colour.  It is a lovely metallic colour, with great coverage after just one coat, but I used two with to and base coats.  As with most of the OPI polishes, it is a great consistency, not too fluid, but not too thick either.

I did however have 2 problems (neither of which are material or would stop me using them!), one is the bottle shape, which is not standard - is has a thicker bottom rather that a 'normal' bottle shape, and I found this a little trickier to hold.  The second was the brush which is a perfect stroke one.  I think the idea is to be able to paint your nail in one stroke, and the brush has a tapered end - but I found this very annoying!  I like me standard, or pro-wide brush by OPI!  For those not great at applying lacquer, I can see why this may be helpful.

Anyway, I love the colour - and after flicking through my Scratch Magazine and seeing the article and cover using Fimo canes, I decided to have a play!!  These are too thick I know, but will match the dress I am wearing tonight!

I used Lumos base and top coat, OPI's Nicole's It Starts With Me, Flower Fimo Cane and OPI Nail Adhesive

After Base and 2 coats of colour
 You can see the coverage and shimmer in the lacquer

 I added Fimo slices to me ring and thumb nails, with yellow and green acrylic paint dots to 'fill in' the gaps

 I am not happy with the thumb nails, but do like the ring fingers! A little thicker than I would normally use them, but think this works well!

Have you had success with Fimo slices or the Nicole range from OPI?

Hope you are all well and have a great weekend!!

Claire xxxx

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