Thursday, 19 May 2011

Moon Manicure Tutorial

Hi Guys, 

As we saw last season on all the catwalks last season, I have pulled together a simple step by step guide to achieve a Moon Manicure.  This is where the moon (the are close to the cuticle which is a slightly lighter colour) is a different colour to the rest of the nail.

For this tutorial, I have used a gold glitter (OPI's Glitzerland) and for the rest of the nail I have used a deep plum (OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark).  This manicure can be achieved free hand - which is how I would normally do this as I find it quicker, but for those who do not have such a steady hand the hole reinforcers for filing give a great shape and save a lot of touching up!!

For those of you who use Shellac and other similar products, this can be easily dont, by curing two coats of your base, a lighter colour, and then applying the darker colour - sweeping out the moon with a barely damp brush soaked with alcohol.

What I used: 

 Step 1 - Prep nails and apply base coat
 Step 2 - Apply coat 1 of your base colour (the colour you want your moon)
 Step 3 - Apply a second coat and allow to dry completely
Step 4 - Apply the reinforcing stickers
Step 5 - Apply two coats of the colour you want on the rest of the nail - it is best to use a high coverage and darker colour
 Step 6 - Carefully remove the hole reinforcers and apply top coat
 I hope that you have found this helpful - there are so many colour options that you can use for this, and it really is something different!

Let me know how you get on!!

Claire xxx


  1. great colour combo and the tutorial is very easy to follow :)

    shel xx

  2. Love it! Guess what I'll be doing this weekend, thanks.

  3. Oooh. I need to get some of those hole thingys, good plan! x