Tuesday, 17 May 2011

OPI Femme De Cirque - I Juggle Men & So Many Clowns So Little Time

I have had my eye on OPI's 'I Juggle Men' which has been described as an iridescent shimmer coat for a while and finally ordered it along with another lacquer from the collection, 'So Many Clowns So Little Time'.

I like the soft shades for bridal nails so I was very interested to see how these two lacquers would work together to create something a little different but not outrageous - and this is exactly what it does.  I Juggle Men is a sheer top coat with tiny particles and a slight purple hue.  This would look great over dark and light colours, but I only had my thumb left, so have just shown you this over So Many Clowns - but I will update you further when I change my mani!!

This is one coat of So Many Clowns So Little Time

Two coats of So Many Clowns So Little Time.  The colour is similar to the Bridal Collection 'At First Sight'.  The difference is that this colour is not as opaque or shimmery.

The camera does not seem to pick up the I Juggle Men but it is on there, and has given it a lovely shimmer!!!!

Just for fun I added a Silver Shatter Top Coat - the shimmer is lovely coming through it - and I will try and demonstrate this with a darker colour.

Thanks for reading, have you used this collection?!
Claire xxx

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