Sunday, 15 May 2011

Essie 'Silken Cord' with OPI Black Shatter and Tape Design!! Step by Step

Hi All,

Welcome to my lovely new followers! I hope that you have all had a good weekend.  I am currently on strict bed rest recovering from a ruptured ovarian cyst! Thank goodness it was not my appendix and I will be all better in a week or so - There will hopefully be some more detailed post as I will have some time on my hands!!

I have decided to try out my Essies 'Silken Cord' from their 2010 Fall collection, which has been sitting in my case, for about 6 months unused!! I used tape and shatter top over it just to see if it made a difference.  I quite like the effect using the tape with the shatter and can't wait to try it with the other colours when they come to the UK!

This is what I did:

I prepped my nails, removing cuticles and applying base coat - I have used Lumos base coat

I applied 1 coat of 'Silken Cord' by Essie

I then applied a second coat of lacquer

 To use tape, I use Scotch tape and cut it to different sizes and laid them out on a plastic lid

Once my lacquer was dry I put the tape on the nail pressing lightly into place

When the tape was on all the nails I applied shatter top coat quite thick (you can use it thinner, but you get smaller Shattered bits)

When dry, carefully peel away the tape

 I like a shiny finish to my nails and shatter I applied Lumos top coat which dries really quickly!

What do you think?! Have you used your Shatter in any different ways?
Claire xxx


  1. This red shade is so pretty!

  2. I'm planning a funky french with shatter tips soon, I hope it turns out as good as this!x

  3. Thanks! It is a great red colour - not too dark - great summery colour despite being the Fall collection!
    Nail Newbie - let us know how you get on with the shatter tips!
    Claire xxx

  4. OMG i hope you feel better soon!
    Love this funky shatter design !