Friday, 15 April 2011

Tutorial - Using Tape for Striping using OPI Lacquers

Hey Guys,

I hope you had a good week - this is just a quick and simple idea following the recent blogs of others using tape.  I have just shown how easy it can be to us tape to create a nail design.

For this you will need contrasting colours - I find light and dark works best.  If you use thin coats to layer your colours they will dry quicker.  Today I have used OPI's Lacquers, the pink is 'Princesses Rule' and the grey is 'Lucertainly Look Marvelous'.  Both of these colours are fantastic in their own right.  Princesses Rule is perfect alone, or for a sparkly French Manicure - it is great for brides as it makes a plain French polish into something more special.  The grey Lucertainly Look Marvelous also has a shimmer to it and is not a flat colour - I would compare it in style to OPI's 'My Private Jet' - I love it!!

Step 1:  Prep nails, Apply base coat, and apply 2 layers of your base colour.  Please note that you can do this the other way around if the lighter colour is opaque or using acrylic paint.

Step 2:  Once the base layer is dry, cut some tape into the thickness you want and apply it to the nail how you want it, and press gently.

Step 3:  Apply a coat of your top colour over the tape.  Be sure to ensure the tape is secure, and avoid flooding the edges of the tape.

Step 4:  If required, apply a second coat of your top colour and allow to dry slightly.

Step 5:  Gently remove the tape from the edge of the nail to the centre.

Step 6: Apply top coat and enjoy your perfectly straight lines!

For this demonstration I have used thicker strips of tape to show clearly how this method works.  You can use any shape, thickness and design for this.  You will be best off using 'Scotch' or 'Invisible' tape as this seems a little less sticky.

Have fun playing around, and let me know how you get on!  I will be coming up with some different images to share over the weekend, so do let me know if you want to see anything!!!

Thanks for reading, 
Claire xxx

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