Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kate & Will Nails Inc Limited Edition Crystal Colour Lacquers

Whoooo I got the 'Kate' & 'Will' lacquers from Nails Inc, I am so excited to have got my hands on these!! I am so excited for the wedding, and have bought very little in terms of merchandise, so when I saw these polishes I just could not resist!!

I bought these polishes from the ASOS website, which has a good collection of many brands of lacquers.

The packaging is so cute, with a bow and wonderful crystals on the lids.  The bags have a re-sealable top which is great as it means I can keep them in the bags - Although this might not last long as the tops are so cute!

Will is a very Royal red colour.  It is a true red with no shimmers or hint of Gold.  I really like it as it is deeper than a pillar box red.
Kate is a very demure beige colour, which is fairly opaque.  It is quite a discreet colour, that is very light.  I am slightly undecided about it, but do think it is lovely - and looks great in the bottle.

Although the tops are great, one this I will say is that it does alter your polishing position as they are quite heavy.  Being selfish though, I will be using these on myself only as they only come in 10ml bottles.

The texture is normal for Nails Inc lacquers.  I find them similar in consistency to Essie, and the brush is also similar in size - they are different to the OPI polishes.  I did struggle to apply the coats thinly, and will have to get a bit of practise in.  Both polishes offer good coverage, and have a shine to them, enhanced by top coat.

*In the images below, please ignore the state of my nails!! They have been treated badly with practising all types of enhancements, so the lumps are my nails and not the polish!!!!*

Here are some images of 'Kate'

 One coat of lacquer
 Two coats of lacquer

Here are some images of 'Will'

 One coat of lacquer
 Two coats of lacquer

What are you going to be having on your nails for 'The Wedding' weekend? I am toying with Union Jack Minx, or red white and blue nail art...ohh the decisions!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look! Let me know what you think!!

Love, Claire xxx


  1. Ooohh!! I love the bottles :) And I love 'Will' such a hot red :)

  2. I'm getting mine done especially, I don't know why though because I've never had gel overlays and I'm not that fussed over the wedding... I think it's just an excuse to have really pretty nails... BRING ON THE STREET PARTY!
    Oh and love the colours... Lost my train of thought then woah :)

  3. OMG those bottles are sooo cute!! <33

  4. Thanks for your comments guys! I really do love these bottles and colours! I think there are a couple more that I will try and get my hands on and swatch for you! Enjoy the wedding!! :) xxx

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