Sunday, 20 February 2011

First Shellac Client

Well today, after much playing around yesterday I had my first client/model for Shellac.  My client has previously tried the Axxium Gels but had really weak nails after them (she did remove them herself - so probably picked them).  They are slightly ski sloped, so I really had to ensure that they were capped to prevent pooling at the free edge - a lesson learnt from last time.

I performed a dry manicure, rounding the edges slights, pushing the cuticles with Swiss Guard and my Cuticle Pusher and removing the hang nails - her neglect of her Solar Oil is evident!  I did buff the nails lightly with a 280 grit buffer as the nails are very ridged (I know you don't need too), used my Fluffy and sanitised the nails.

I applied the Shellac as directed - I only have a few colours at the moment - my client liked 'Red Baroness'.  I did notice the the base coat has a very short brush in it - but it did the job, I can see it being slightly problematic when the bottle starts to run out.  The product applied really easily - it really was just like polish, and I had to remind myself that we needed thin layers!  The 2 minute cure time was perfect as it took me just that time to complete the hand, and I cannot believe how quick the applications was after the prep work.

The whole Shellac experience took 40 minutes and I have a great first impression.  The product is very different from the Axxium SOG, so I think that I will taylor the services offered to my clients, and I do feel that Axxium SOG does offer a little more protection to the the nails, with the ability of having the overlay gel underneath.  This is a great option for natural nail clients, and I can really see it taking off - my client left happy - and was pleased I charged her model prices :) 

I do also have to mention the CND Shellac/Brisa lamp - I am so impressed with the usability!  You can programmed the times and has a countdown screen, it is sleek looking, with a carry handle on the back, and a detachable power cable.  This is great for mobile appointments!  The lamp is the best I have seen and this is the third one I have - I always buy the correct lamp for the system.

Anywho - that's enough from me, I will keep you posted with how I get on with the Shellac.  I am doing some more L&P training tomorrow so hope to update you with that soon!


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