Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Playing with Glitter

I have been wanting some new glitters for ages and my pack of 24 Martha Stewart fine glitters arrived this morning - they look great, and so shiney!  I just had to have a play!  I removed my L&P and applied Shellac in Tutti Frutti, and used the purple glitter!!  They seem to work well with Gel, but I have not tried them with L&P so I don't know how well it holds up.

I used Shellac as I wanted to try out the colour, but this is very similar to OPI's Pompeii Purple and would work just the same.  I put the glitter on the 2nd coat of gel before curing.

You need to use more that one layer of the top coat/sealer to ensure that the glitter is smooth.  I did not want to waste the sealer on myself - so I used one coat and then floated a layer of Lumos top coat after the final cure.  I will see how it wears over the weekend!

*Addition* I tried today to add some of OPI's Black Shatter topcoat on the opposite corners today as I thought that would look good - it did not work - I do not think Shatter works over gels - I wonder if something like it could ever be developed?!  How cool would that be :)


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