Saturday, 19 February 2011

OPI Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer

Before I start off on my Shellac adventure, I thought I would look at my Axxium Soak-off nails!  I really enjoyed my training with OPI and have many of their gel colours - but this is how my clients see them - as gels - no matter how many times I try and explain that they are designed to be long lasting lacquer, and this is why it has put some off - and why I am giving Shellac a try!

Axxium SOG has been great, but I have found it a little bit fiddly and the lamp sometime misses the pinky (no matter how many times I move my client) so they are not as shiny and have to be re-sealed.   I do find them long lasting, more so over an overlay of buff off gel, and quite well over their new overlay gel.  On natural nails, they have lasted on average 2.5 weeks, and most of my clients come every 3.  Many have bought the matching polish, which I must commend for being perfectly matching, and a great way of merchandising.

This image is Axxium SOG in Pompeii Purple, over NCO's clear gel overlay.  She was on holiday for 10 days between coming back and there is no sign of wear other than the growth!
I replaced this service with and infill and re-colour of I'm Not Really A Waitress

I want to try Shellac as I think that it will be a much better service for natural manicure, and also an opportunity to soak off at home - my clients have struggled soaking off the Axxium due to the buffing required to break the seal.

I am looking at offering Shellac into my Bridal services, as Axxium takes longer, although I have to say some of the colours are just perfect for a wedding day!  Princesses Rule with Alpine Snow tips is a winner for all those brides that love sparkly!

The bridal nails above have a thin over lay of the new OPI Soak Off Overlay Gel which fills in ridges - and has offered a great service.

Anyway, this has just been my day of musings, and have been messing around with glitter, Shellac and some nail art all day - I shall feedback tomorrow on that :)



  1. i have my nail license but don't practice. I have been wanting to try both Axxium and Shellac. Thanks for posting this :)

  2. Thanks for your comment - I hope as time goes on to make a full comparison! I will keep you posted :)

  3. Yes, it's been really interesting reading your write up on Axxium Soak Offs, I have been a therapist for 21 years and have just taken the step over to the Axxium SOG system, will be attending a course on the 3rd of May for one day, have been using this on my regular clients, and on myself with very good results so far so am very excited about the products and how they work and looking forward to using with tips at some point too! M from Beauty Rituals

  4. You won't regret moving to the Axxium SOG system - I have found it to be great! I do also offer Shellac - they are very different systems. There is a lot of scope with the enhancement potential of Axxium SOG - do let me know how you get on! Claire xxx