Thursday, 16 June 2011

OPI's 'Give Me Moor!' and 'I Juggle Men'

Hey guys,

Slightly random colour post for you.  Digging through my collection the other day I found my 'Give Me Moor!' OPi lacquer and thought why not?!  I they thought - hey I haven't tried 'I Juggle Men' over a dark colour - and this is what I found...

Give me more is a deep purple almost black colour and very similar in shade to 'Lincoln Park After Dark' which I think I have lent to a client, but can't remember which one... very bad of me and very lucky for my client!  It has a high coverage and is the same consistency as all the other OPI lacquers I have (excluding the Sorbet colours from the Texas range).

For this manicure I used OPI Ridge Filler as a base, with OPI lacquers and then OPI's Rapid Dry Top Coat (which is touch dry in less that 5 minutes).

 My nails are in a state from moving, and ridge filler made them look all smooth again - I love this base coat!
 One coat of 'Give Me Moor!'
 Two coats of 'Give Me Moor!'

 One hand with 'I Juggle Men' as a top coat (the hand on the right)
 A closer version, hand closest to the camera has 'I Juggle Men' on
 and again!
 The camera really has not done this justice.  Up close and in the sun light the polish has a purple/blue hue that it did not have before and a shimmer that was so pretty - I had so many lovely comments on it!
What have you tried the soft shade top coat effect over?!

Thanks for reading!
Claire xxx

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