Wednesday, 29 June 2011

OPI Axxium Soak of Gel Lacquer - 'My Private Jet'

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all having a great week?! I have just broken my thumb nail really badly and it hurts so much!! I caught it whilst doing up my shoe lace(!). At least it is Wednesday and we are over half way through the week!

Last weekend, a lovely friend of mine was complaining about her nail polish chipping all the time ever since removing and growing out the damage from her NSS Arcylic enhancements.  She is quite heavy handed and I suggested she tried a soak off gel as she did not want to return to the traditional enhancements and did not want tips or sculpts applied.  OPI Axxium Soak off Gel Lacquer seemed the best choice as she could apply the matching lacquer should she be able to chip or peel it off.  I do also offer Shellac, but feel that the OPI Axxium SOG is  harder wearing.

We went for 'My Private Jet' to match an outfit she was wearing.  She was amazed at how thin her nails are with the SOG applied, that it was 'dry' instantly and has promised to keep me posted on how she gets on with it!

The colour is lovely with a great sparkle too it - great for understated glamour.  The only problem I have with the gel lacquer is that it is not as opaque as the colour and this can require an extra colour coat.  We have applied the standard method for these images.

Have you tried Axxium OPI Soak Off Gel Lacquer?! What's your favourite colour?!

Claire xxx

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