Monday, 11 August 2014

Pink Nails - Colour Me Crazy Challenge - Week 6

To quote Aerosmith:

"Pink it's my new obsession 
Pink it's not even a question, 
Pink on the lips of your lover, 'cause 
Pink is the love you discover "

This week in the Colour Me Crazy Challenge is Pink!

I have used OPI GelColor in Strawberry Margarita.  The Pearl and Black colours are Additives from CND.  The chevron at the top of the nail was created using vinyl Stickers from She Sells Sea Shells.

The additives are great for added effects and pops of colour as they adhere to the inhibition layer (sticky layer) on gel nails.  Just buff them in, top coat, and away you go.  They do not interact with the wear of the gel and you will get your usual 2-3 weeks having used them.

Here is a quick 'How To':

1. Apply base and 2 coats of gel, curing each coat for the required amount of time.

2. If the design requires accurate shapes and straight line, apply your tape/stickers

3. Buff in the additive (a little goes a VERY long way) and remover the stickers/tape.  The brush used here is a sable gel brush, any nail art brush will do.

4. Apply additional colours if required, either free hand or with stickers/tape.  To avoid colour crossover, you may want to top coat in between colours.  For this look I have not.

5. Top coat and cure.

Have you used CND Additives?  What are your thoughts on them?

For more Colour Me Crazy Pink Nails, please follow the link below - some great other nail bloggers!

Hope you have a great week!

Claire x


  1. These are really cute, I like the colours youve used :)

  2. Really great design especially with the simple clean lines of pink colours. :)