Monday, 19 December 2011

Black Tip French Gel Enhancements with Embedded Gems

Hi Guys,

I at last had some time to put some gel enhancements on! With a very busy week of clients booked in for the lead up to Christmas I thought I should apply gels as they add strength and I think look lovely and shiny! I have done these on myself and are not as perfect as I would have liked, but I find it hard to do my dominant hand.  It did take most of my Sunday afternoon, but I think worth it!

I had a 1920's themed party last week and following that theme I chose to apply black tips with a camouflaged nail bed!  I use NCO buff off gel.  This is a great product and I use it as I am supporting a local business and the product is great and well used and known where I live!!

This is what I did:

1. Prepare nails and apply primer and first coat of clear base gel.
As you can see my nails are weak and peeling (my own fault from not looking after them and picking off my soak off gels)!

 2. Apply your french line in your chosen colour, I find it easier when doing deeper smile lines to use the  handle end of the brush

 3. Flash cure each nail to prevent the gel running in between applications

4. Apply your camouflage gel up to the smile line.  If you get any on the black, use a clean brush moistened with cleanser to remove it.

5. Apply your gems (if you are using them).  If you are doing dots rather than gems, be sure to gently remove the sticky inhibition layer as this will make any shape 'bleed'.

6. Once gems are in place, cap the design and build your arch.  Flash cure each nail as you go.

7. Once the design is capped and cured, remove the inhibition layer and refine the shape.  Clean and dust and apply top sealer.

8. Apply oil and there are your lovely nails!

Have you tried this design?

Thanks for reading!
Claire xxx


  1. Hiya!
    Cool manicure. I can't wait to try embedding things in gel. At the moment I'm just trying to perfect my french :D I passed my course! Was really good in the end thank goodness
    Hope your well and happy holidays
    Love Stacie xoxox

  2. Hi! I'm super interested in how you make your smile line with the handle end of your brush, do you dip it in the gel and pull the tail around to draw your line? I am as well perfecting my lines, always looking for new ways to improve. Thanks!

  3. Well, not really my cup of tea... BUT girlfriends cup of tea for sure! Thanks for sharing.

    Fred H | Amazing Support