Thursday, 14 July 2011

OPI's 'A Good ManDarin Is Hard To Find' with Glitter Strands

Hi Guys,

Hope you have all had a wonderful couple of weeks - sorry for the minimal posting, this has been down to the day job!  I have had no time recently between work and nail clients!  Great for business, but not my sanity! I have removed my tip and Axxium overlays as they were getting a little too long and I had grown out the split in my thumb.  My nails are good as new underneath - except one which I picked, I couldn't help myself - but is not too noticable!

Anywho, todays nails are OPI's a Good ManDarin Is Hard To Find, which is a lovely orange colour, but not too bright so great for work, and stands out with out (in my opinion) being too overt.  As with all my OPI lacquers, coverage is great with one coat.

To 'Jazz' them up a bit, I used a slightly thicker second coat and then sprinkled on glitter strands in gold and silver - just because I couldn't choose - and then applied the top coat!  Strands are slightly tricky as you have to manipulate them slightly so no bits overhang - but they are a quick and easy way to add some sparkle!

Do you like the orange?

Have a super weekend,

Claire xxx

I used Lumos top and base, with OPI lacquer and glitter strands from Hobbycraft

Great coverage - this is one thin coat!

Finished nails

Nails in natural light

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