Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ruby Ritz Shellac

As it December, I am starting to feel festive.  I ordered the Shellac Christmas Duo 2012 when it was released back a few months ago, but have only now decided to try it out!

Ruby Ritz Shellac is part of the Shellac Christmas Duo for 2012.  It is a bright red with glitter, and a fantastic bright festive colour!  It is a fully opaque, and the glitter is small and shiny, with no obvious lumps or large pieces.  There is a slight gold hue to the glitter, but this is not overly noticeable at all, and I would call this a true red.  I cannot wait to try the gold version 'Tinsel Toast' that came with it - when I can reach my toes I will give that a try!!

I was thinking about adding some nail art, but the colour is bright and shiny, I don't think it needs anything added to it.

What colour are your festive nails?!

Have a good week!

Claire xxx

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