Saturday, 13 October 2012

Overtly Onyx Shellac

Hi Guys,

I have got my hands on some of the new 2012 Shellac colours!!  I have no idea how these new colours bypassed me.  I am still to get the Dark Navy Shimmer colour which I am really excited to get when it comes back in stock!

This weekend I am wearing 'Overtly Onxy' which is a black shimmer.  It is in between Blackpool and Asphalt in colour.  It is a completely opaque colour and very shimmer and shiny!! I am loving it and think it will be great for the party season.  I wear dark nails quite often and like black, but think this is a great alternative.

I am going to be working through the other colours I have and will update you as I try them out on myself and clients.

Have you tried these colours?!

Claire xxx

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