Saturday, 17 October 2015

Nail Art using OPI GelColor

A new client asked for some camo print nails, I was of course only too happy to do these. All hand painted using OPI GelColor. 

The base is the classic You Don't Know Jacques and the design has been created using the Venice Collection in My Gondola Or Yours and Baroque...But Still Shopping.

Each layers was cured in the OPI LED lamp before moving on the the next one to prevent any movement of the gel.

Loving this subtle yet different look!

Have a great weekend,
Claire xxx

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Nail Art using OPI GelColor in Cajun Shrimp

Many of my clients tend to want plain nails. This is due to work commitments, or needing to match a number of outfits. 

One of my clients this week wanted a polka dot accent nails on her Cajun Shrimp natural nails! I was of course very happy to oblige!!!

Applying nail art using gel means that you can change and perfect your design before curing, ensuring that the client is completely happy with the design.

Dots are possibly one of the easiest ways of adding some hand painted nail art, and with gel, the possibilities are endless.

The colour used to contrast is OPI GelColor in the dark taupe 'How Great Is Your Dane' from the Nordic Collection.

Have a great weekend!

Claire xxx

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hen Night Nails using OPI GelColor

I created these nails for a client heading off on her hen night.   She wanted something bright but still subtle enough to go to work with!!

These are created using OPI GelColor in the colours: Don't Forget Your Czechbook & You're Such A Budapest.  The white glitter is from the Gwen Stefani 2014 Christmas Collection - Snow Globetrotter and the little heart with Big Apple Red.

What did you have on your nails for your hen?!

Claire x

Saturday, 31 January 2015

OPI DS Pewter GelColor

I am in love with the OPI Designer Series range.  I have had DS Radiance in my collection for years which has been well used by all my clients.  Now many people have moved to gel polish nails I have been looking out for colours to match the most popular polishes (a reason I love OPI GelColor), I was excited to see that DS Pewter has been brought out in this formula.

Within 4 days I have used it on 4 clients!  We are on to a winner!!

The colour is a deep gunmetal grey / pewter with multi sized pieces and glitter type flakes to add incredible shine without it looking to 'glittery'. There are no holographic glitter pieces, but like the polishes, there is the complex mix of pieces and the added 'diamond 'dust' for added shine and depth.

OPI have got it right with this and I hope they bring out some more Designer Series colours in the GelColor range!!

Below are photos in different lights to give you the different looks of DS Pewter.

Have a great weekend!

Claire x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

B.Balenciaga Perfume - Nail Bar with OPI

This weekend I was providing nails for the fragrance launch of Balenciaga's new fragrance, B.Balenciaga working with OPI.  The fragrance has been designed by Alexander Wang and is a lovely clean scent, that I loved so much I bought myself a bottle!!

It was so lovely to meet some lovely customers in John Lewis, Oxford Street, London.  Some customers even went for some funky nails!

Have you tried this perfume?  If you haven't, do try it out! 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Glamour Session Bag from Roo Beauty

I have taken the leap and have purchased the Glamour Session Bag from Roo Beauty in Imperial Purple.  I chose purple as my logo is purple, and it's my favourite colour.  This bag also comes in Black, Pink and Teal.

This bag is fantastic, It can fit in my LED or UV lamp, daylight lamp and extension lead as well as all my application and removal tools, including extra nail art bits.  I can also fit a couple of towels in as well.  The front and back pockets have individual pockets for bottles, you can squeeze 2 shellac bottles in, and they also hold the OPI bottles, I am certain that Gelish would also fit.

I am so impressed with the bag and the amount of padding it has.  I would have no issue with carrying this around all day as I would feel confident that my equipment is safe.

My bag is currently packed for 3 clients and an event, and there is still space for more!!

The only criticism I have is that the elastic bits in the main part of the bag are slightly too high for my OPI bottles of remover and sanitiser, but fine for my CND ones, but this isn't too bothersome!  Just an observation!  

I would recommend this bag to any mobile nail tech, or any session tech.

Over the weekend I am doing the nails for a bridal party who have asked for both Shellac and OPI GelColor nails.  I will update with how this bag works out using both systems and lamps!

I also have the Roo Beauty Session belt, but I am now considering some of the polish bags as well.

When contemplating purchasing this bag I could not find any detailed pictures, so I hope that this helps you!!

What Roo Beauty products do you find most useful?

Claire xxx

Straight out the packet

Front/Back pocket with smaller pockets for 16 bottles on both sides (32 in total)


Right side pocket

All pockets open, main compartment closed

Main compartment and top pocket

Front and side pockets

Main compartment

Back/Front pocket

Left side pocket

Packed and ready to go!

I used my bad for a bridal party today, where I used both OPI GelColour and Shellac for 6 clients.  The bag held all my product and lamps as well as extra nail art products.  As I had so many clients and 2 services, I carried my towel separately, but if using one system this bag would give you plenty of room, I even had extra space!  Very impressed with this bag, and hope it wears well as I will be using it a lot!!


Front Pocket

Main Compartment, OPI and Shellac lamp with extension lead, files, towel, toe separators, nail wipes etc...

Top pocket of main compartment

Back Pocket

Side Pocket

Side pocket
Thanks for reading guys!


Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween Inspired Nails using OPI GelColor Comet In The Sky

I managed to get my hands on the limited edition black and holo glitter Comet In The Sky from the OPI Holiday 2014 range. I thought it would look great over orange, so inadvertently ended up with Halloween nails!! 

For this look I used the NEON Juice Bar Hopping and Comet In The Sky.  A coat of alpine snow was applied under the NEON to ensure I really got a bright result.

I love the glitter, it has different size pieces and really sparkles under the light. 

Have a great halloween!!!

Claire x